Initial Photography Portfolio

Thanks for taking a look at my initial photography portfolio! I love taking photos and discovering their potential to tell a story. I was really into photography in high school but grew disconnected from it for years after. It wasn’t until I bought a camera and a wide-angle lens 4 years ago, that my love from photography came back to me.

I moved to the San Francisco 4.5 years ago… after beginning to explore the bay area, I was compelled to capture my surroundings and share them with everyone back home. I would capture a collection of images from various road trips and outings and post them on Flickr for everyone. Very recently, photos from my trips started to feel less impactful as I posted collections online. I struggled to understand why for a while and finally realized that a story was missing. I started pulling a single favorite photo from all of my trips/collections and encouraging it to tell a story – some photos sprung to life with a play on colors, others showed their best when printed on metal, on wood… I hope I’ve captured some of this in the photos below. I know I’ve achieved that goal with myself, but I’m hoping to expand my reach to others in the next chapter of my photography career.

Since I’ve selected quite a few photos to share here, I’ve broken them into sections with my favorites at the top and the rest following.


Top Shots and Concepts

Vibrant Pike Place
Vibrant Pike’s Place Market – I was wandering around Pike Place Market in Seattle and discovered a grungy little alley with a preview of the “public market” sign above. I figured “why not” and snapped a quick photo. After returning home and sorting through photos, I realized that this shot had potential! I photoshopped out a person on the left side and made the colors pop to the max. It ended up being an incredible little piece that does extremely well printed on metal.

The Golden Gate
The Stunning Golden Gate (Color) – See below for description.

The Stunning Golden Gate – When you look at the Golden Gate Bridge, everything else seems to disappear and you can’t look away from its drama and beauty. Making the background grayscale only seemed to make this photo more realistic in that the background distractions were gone, it’s as if you are there staring at the bridge yourself. This photo was captured after walking across the bridge.

Temporary Impressions
Temporary Impressions – Walking side by side with my husband, we made a temporary impact (impression) on the earth… proof that we were here. As quickly as we made these impressions… they were washed away. It gave perspective to the brevity of our time in this world.

Sneak Peek at Manhatten
Sneak Peek at Manhattan – Nothing is more peaceful that looking upon this magnificent city from a distance, stepping outside of the hustle & bustle that feeds it.

Foggy Blanket
Foggy Blanket – On a hike to Black Sands Beach, we drove into the Marin Headlands and were engulfed by fog. I could barely see underneath the fog to capture this shot. The water was vibrant with Caribbean characteristics, something I’ve never seen in the bay area before this day.

Intimidation - Hiding from Half Dome
Hiding from Half Dome – After applying for the Half Dome 2015 lottery without success, I felt a sense of relief. I wouldn’t have to approach this climb… yet. I found a little spot off the main path on Glacier Point and captured this photo, which appropriately reflected my intimidation of Half Dome at the time.

Standing Alone – This photo was captured during a round of golf at Wente in the Livermore area. Distracted by the clouds, as I often am, my eyes were drawn to this lone tree, the only sign of life in the area. It’s one of my favorite shots… simplicity.

Marble City from Twin Peaks
Marble City from Twin Peaks – Twin Peaks blew me away on this day. I had just flow in a few friends for my husbands 30th birthday to surprise him and wanted to show them a stellar view of the city. I wanted to capture the entire sky in this image and even with my wide-angle lens, I struggled. The result is a small fraction of San Francisco with as many stunning clouds and I could possible fit into view.

New Concept: I’ve been playing with the idea and process of transferring photos onto wood. It’s gives them different character than a regular print. I’m still trying to figure out the story that it’s telling, but I think I’m on to something interesting here. Some photos have transferred better than others just because of their composition – I’ve learned that the clouds that I love so much in photos don’t work well in the transfer process when done in black and white because the white is lost. I’ve learned a thing or two about air bubbles between the print and the wood – as you can see with the line across the footprints wood print. I’m sharing photos of my first three attempts at this process.

FullSizeRender   FullSizeRender
Golden Gate Bridge photo is transferred onto an 8×8 piece of wood, the Footprints photo is transferred onto an 11×17 piece of wood 

These photos don’t really do the wood panels justice. The red on the bridge pops quite vividly in person. The footprints in the beach photo are stunningly detailed and 3-dimensional. As you can see, this is a work in progress that I’ll be refining further, but wanted to share this idea up front because I think it will play an important part in my photography portfolio.

Other Photographs

20120416-IMG_1422  20120416-IMG_1410ps20120416-IMG_1406  20120416-IMG_140120120416-IMG_1394
The Raw Golden Gate (Photo Series) – Leveling the playing field by removing the iconic color from this beauty.

Blood Moon – I set my alarm, I really wanted to witness a blood moon with my own eyes. After taking a look outside, I ran for my camera. It was worth waking up for!

Wine Country
Wine Country – What a place?! Vines as far as the eye can see. We frequently stop here to take it all in on our way up to Napa for the day.

Wine Country Vertical
Wine Country (Vertical) – See description above.

Tunnel View Goes on Forever
The Tunnel Goes on Forever – All of the travel books say that Tunnel View in a must see. We had visited this lookup a few times on our trip, but it wasn’t until this last time, when the clouds cooperated, did we realize the magnitude of this area. This photo is an odd situation where the photo actually captured more than the eye could see.

Stream of Fog Rushing Back to Ocean
Stream of Fog Rushing Back to the Pacific – Driving down the 1 in the Pacific Northwest, we caught something out of the corner of our eyes and had to turn the car around for a double take. The photo barely does justice in this situation. The fog was magnificently rushing from shore over the ocean. I finally put the camera down and just enjoyed the view first hand, but will always have this snapshot to remind me of the moment.

Sleepy Mendocino
Sleepy Mendocino – It was our first trip to Mendocino and it was a rainy one. The rain broke briefly and we walked along the shoreline. The water was a dark turquoise, vibrant, under a blanket of fog that never lifted that day.

Point Reyes – The sky was a cotton pillow at the extremely windy day at Point Reyes.

Point Arena
A Lighthouse Kind of View – Loved the red splash from the visitor center roof on this foggy day.

Old Soul
A Weathered Soul – This old log was found along the Mendocino coast.

Misty Morning over Ocean
Misty Morning over the Pacific – Just a simple beautiful morning along the coast.

Lassen Volcanic Park
Lassen Volcanic Area – Best roadtrip ever was to Lassen and Mt. Shasta. It was over 100 degrees when this photo was taken. The mud pots were gurgling, sulfur polluted the air, but the beautiful vibrant colors in this area made it all worth it.

Clinging to the Grapevines
Clinging to the Grapevines – Fog is something that is native to the bay area, but I’ve never seen fog so low to the ground such that it was clinging on to the grapevines and not letting go.

Churning Along the Shore
Churning Along the Shore – Just a simple shot of the ocean on a day when the water lit up as dark turquoise. It was windy out this day and the waves kept coming in, leaving white foam on the surface.

Left my Heart in Maui – Found a random heart shaped cutout on a hike in Maui. A storm was passing, the water was vibrant and the heart rock was very unexpected. A beautiful combination.

Sonoma Flowers – We arrive at the lavender farm in Sonoma a little too late, only yellow flowers to be seen.

What are You Thinking? – A bench to sit and contemplate on the coast of Pescadero.

20120310-IMG_1031psRed Rocks – I just loved the colors in this photo, nothing too special about the moment. I added a faded effect to turn down the harshness of the sunlight in this photo. It gave it a soft, soothing feel.


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